Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Image: Minnesota United

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Is it time to panic?

Three weeks from the beginning of the regular season, Minnesota United are still without Emanuel Reynoso. The No. 10 is still in Argentina, and we don’t exactly know the reason why.

It was presumed, as of a few weeks ago, that Rey was still sorting out legal issues stemming from an alleged assault in his home country in December 2021, given a report that he may stand trial in the case.

But now, it’s much less clear what’s keeping the Argentine away are the Loons. Is it the legal stuff? Are the rumors true that he would much prefer to play in South America? Is there something else holding him back?

Image: Minnesota United

There was, however, a new (potentially positive) development this week, as head coach Adrian Heath confirmed Monday the club and Reynoso have spoken over the phone about a timeline for his return to the States and the team

“He feels as though, hopefully, we can sort this out and we can get him back here,” Heath said of his talisman. The gaffer also mentioned “one or two issues” need to be taken care of before that happens, and Heath remains hopeful he’ll be back training with the team soon.

This conversation comes after previous frustration over Reynoso’s absence from preseason training, and is really the first concrete sign of optimism from the club that they could get him back for the start of the season.

Aside from what’s keeping the midfielder in Argentina, there was a potential new wrinkle thrown into Reynoso’s status with Minnesota in the form of another transfer rumor.

Besiktas, the top club in Turkey’s premier division, reportedly have Reynoso on a short-list of MLS talent they’re looking to bring in. Heath expressed no knowledge of interest or conversations between the two parties on Monday, but mentioned he “wouldn’t be surprised” if clubs worldwide were interested in Reynoso.

Combine this latest report with previous links to Vasco De Gama out of Brazil, there looks to be global interest in Minnesota’s top star.

Losing an MVP candidate for any length of time will cause problems for any team, but it seems like an even greater “Doomsday” scenario for Minnesota if this carries on into the season, given the team’s ever-long struggle with creating and finishing chances.

So, is it time to panic? I say not quite yet. Time to be slightly anxious? That’s completely fair.

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