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Image: Minnesota United

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I was talking to my wife Friday morning over a cup of coffee. We were discussing our plans and tasks for the day and if we should go out for a little “mini-date” lunch. I joked that if I stepped away from my computer or phone for two seconds I’d probably have to run directly back to it, since Fridays always seem to be a “news dump” day in the world of sports.

Not to brag, but boy, was I right. Friday afternoon, Minnesota United announced that star midfielder Emanuel Reynoso has been suspended.

“Emanuel Reynoso has been suspended without pay by Major League Soccer for failure to report to preseason training,” the club said in a statement. “We have no additional information beyond that at this time.”

In hindsight, we probably should have seen this coming (and some of you probably did). You can’t continue to pay a player “earned” money when he hasn’t done the bear minimum to receive it.

While we weren’t given any additional information beyond the fact that Reynoso won’t be paid to miss preseason, the suspension does allow us to connect some more dots on the why behind the Argentine’s absence.

Image: Minnesota United

Before we dig in, I just want to quickly note that, while I’ve asked around and attempted to dig for more information on Rey’s status, the following is purely a “reading of the tea leaves” and in no way a reporting of information I’m hearing from other sources (because, to be honest, I’m not hearing much of anything).

The only clarity we’ve been given in recent weeks regarding Reynoso is that the club is using the phrase “personal issues” or “personal matters” to categorize the situation. At no time has the word “legal” or “investigation” been used in an official or unofficial capacity to explain these circumstances.

The unlikelihood of legality being a factor is something Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press began mentioning weeks ago in his reporting as well.

This suspension further indicates (to me) that Rey’s absence isn’t due to any travel restrictions or any legal or governmental entity forcing him to stay in his home country.

More simply, it seems he can travel to Minnesota. He just isn’t, for whatever reason.

Loons Fall to Red Bulls in Coachella Opener

Let’s get to some actual “on the field” news, shall we? Unfortunately, it’s not all positive.

Minnesota United fell to the New York Red Bulls 1-0 Saturday afternoon in their opening match of the Coachella Valley Invitational in Palm Springs, CA.

While the game, much like the rest of Minnesota’s preseason, wasn’t streamed, we were given some additional information regarding the squad and happenings throughout.

The Loons looked to start in a 4-3-3 formation, a setup Adrian Heath has traditionally gone with when Reynoso’s out of the lineup.

The only goal of the match came in the 11th minute, as New York’s newly acquired Brazilian midfielder Liquinhas put away a back-post cross from Tom Barlow. Video shows Dayne St. Clair coming out to cut off the attacking angle but getting beat to the by-line.

Minnesota made three subs over the course of the match. Homegrown defender Devin Padelford, who spent last season with MNUFC2, came on early in the 2nd half for Kemar Lawrence, Joseph Rosales entered for Franco Fragapane, and Mender Garcia replaced CF Luis Amarilla.

The Black & Blue are back on the pitch Wednesday, taking on San Jose Earthquakes at 2 p.m. CT. Follow @SotaSoc on Twitter for all the updates.

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