Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Image: Minnesota United

This is a breaking news piece, which is likely to be updated as more information is received.

A saga that trickles information like an ever-so-slightly leaky faucet saw another droplet on Tuesday.

In his “One big question for each Western Conference team before the 2023 MLS season” piece, national writer Matt Doyle was able to provide a bit of additional color on Emanuel Reynoso’s current situation with Minnesota United, or vice-versa.

I will add my bit of reporting here and say sources at the club are sour on Reynoso in a way they haven’t been in the past despite his often laissez-faire approach to the job. Which is to say a week ago I had my money on ‘this will all work out and everyone will forget it happened by May.’ Now I wouldn’t touch that bet with a 10-foot pole.

Matthew Doyle,

This comes after the Argentine was suspended without pay by Major League Soccer for failure to report to preseason, and MNUFC head coach Adrian Heath has confirmed contingency plans are being pursued.

The Loons are currently in Palm Springs for the Coachella Valley Invitational. Media availability with Adrian Heath is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. CT Tuesday. Follow reporter Jacob Schneider on Twitter @_jacobschneider for all the latest information from that press conference.

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