Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Image: Minnesota Super League

After rounding out their team announcements last week with the knowledge that the likes of Vlora FC, MNUFC’s U19 Academy, Med City FC, and Duluth FC would be joining previously announced USL2 favorites Minneapolis City SC and St. Croix Legends, the next logical question that every fan had was, where, when, and against who? Well, we don’t know when and where yet (though I’d be willing to put a pretty penny on it happening in Minnesota), we do know who will be playing who as the Minnesota Super cup has released it’s juiciest piece of information yet: group stage match-ups.

Group A

Photo courtesy of @MNSuperCup

Group A starts off with a massive bang, pitting NPSL super rivals Duluth FC and Minneapolis City SC against one another. Having won four of the last five NPSL North Conference championships between them, fans of the teams will likely be eyeing this match-up up and down and making sure to clear their schedules so they can be at what will be a hotly contested game between the two.

It would be hard to live up to the history that the two previously mentioned clubs have with one another, and luckily that won’t matter, because they will be joined by Minnesota’s own professional club, MNUFC. Well, kind of. They will be playing against the team’s U19 Academy. This will be a great opportunity for fans across every level to see where their own team and players match-up against some of the most promising players in Minnesota, as well as a chance to learn more about the future of Minnesota United.

Group B

Photo Courtesy of @MNSuperCup

Group B of the Super Cup leads off with the reigning NPSL North Conference champions Med City. Having competed in the last two NPSL playoffs, Med City will look to continuing building on their recent dominance, and they will have to do it against USL2 competition in the St. Croix Legends. The group is rounded out with the inclusion of Vlora FC, themselves champions in their own right, winning the UPSL Midwest Conference- West Division in their inaugural 2019 season as well as being the reigning champions of the conference.

With each of the three teams playing in separate leagues, this group will be one of new match-ups for fans and players alike, and a great opportunity for fans to finally gain a metric on where there team ranks across the various leagues: NPSL, USL2, and UPSL.

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