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After a lack of updates regarding Emanuel Reynoso’s status with Minnesota United over a period of weeks, and Loons’ fans seemingly steady decrease in interest in the situation thanks to the club’s undefeated start, we received some new information Wednesday, courtesy of Planeta Boca Juniors, the main news outlet for Reynoso’s former club.

While not exactly a positive development, if true, it provides more clarity on the prospect of the Argentine’s return to the club (or lack thereof).

According to the report, the club and/or league could add another sanction to Rey’s existing suspension.

“[Minnesota] is considering the possibility of blocking the player until the end of the 2026 season,” read the report. “That is, he could go three years without playing soccer professionally.”

This would essentially extend Reynoso’s suspension until the end of his current contract, which was just extended last year, and wouldn’t allow him to play for any other professional club under FIFA jurisdiction during that time. The club has since denied any indication of blocking Rey’s prospects to play elsewhere, as Adrian Heath has spoken consistently about his desire to bring the midfielder back as soon as possible.

“We keep trying to get messages to him and we’re trying to speak to him, and hopefully common sense prevails and he can get himself back here,” said Heath.

There’s also mention that Rey is indeed staying in his hometown, with some personal details about his home life you can read in the report itself if you’d like. The 26-year old is also reportedly playing with his neighborhood soccer team.

This news comes amid an impressive undefeated start for the Loons in 2023, and a growing sense of comradery in the locker room and on the training ground that looks to be translating on the pitch. The club’s success and cohesion early on has many wondering if it’s a positive byproduct of the Argentine’s absence. Which begs the question…is this team actually better off without its All-Star?

In response to that very question, the club isn’t going that far quite yet.

“There’s not a team in this league that wouldn’t benefit and be better with a fit and healthy Emanuel Reynoso,” said Heath.

However, it’s hard to overlook how this adversity could very well be the catalyst for the squad coming together the way they have, and players are admitting as much.

“[Reynoso] is a guy that, undoubtedly his quality is missed,” added captain Wil Tapp. “But…I think our group has done an amazing job to assume responsibility and take the onus on ourselves.”

Beyond the debate of whether the pros outweigh the cons in this scenario, you can sense some impatience among teammates who are simply looking for more clarity one way or the other.

“We haven’t been in contact. It’s the job of the club to communicate,” said Franco Fragapane. “We’ll continue waiting but we need a response.”

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