Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

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Week Seven of the 2023 MLS season is set to get underway as Minnesota United FC look to earn their fourth-straight road victory against the Chicago fire while continuing their undefeated start to the campaign.

The Loons are coming off an impressive 1-0 victory over expansion side St. Louis CITY SC, who were 5-0-0 going into the match, with MNUFC handing them their first loss (or blemish of any kind) of the season.

I took to twitter, asking Loons followers to send in questions for this week’s mailbag.

Here are the best of the bunch, as we close in on the weekend’s action.

Adrian Heath confirmed Friday that DJ Taylor is the starting Right Back for the club right now. It took a few weeks for him to get to 100 percent this season, but now that he is at that level, the spot is his.

Regarding the 4-4-2, it’s an interesting option, that’s for sure. I think it’s something we could see more often without a proper 10, but with Sang-Bin being introduced to the squad, it will be interesting to see where Heath goes with it all.

I have a feeling CITY and MNUFC might not like each other for quite some time… it’ll be a fun one to watch.

Word on the street is that Leatherman is someone to watch regarding a homegrown contract this summer. I think before that comes, though, a position will need to be narrowed down. Is he a fullback or a midfielder? That’s to be determined by this NEXT Pro campaign.

Hear me out – everyone always wants someone ridiculously good looking to play them in Hollywood, even if age, height and looks aren’t exactly accurate. If it were me though, and nobody knew what I looked like, the answer is Jude Law. You’re probably nodding your head in agreement right now, too.

For a younger Heath, during his days at Everton, the best I came up with was a young Mark Wahlberg. Heath at his current age though.. I’m going to go with Kenneth Branagh. The height is fairly similar, both have UK accents, age is spot on… I think it works.

Adrian was a tough one, however, Harrison Heath was as easy as they come. 

Harrison is the English Justin Bieber. Look it up, think about it.

Sang-Bin is likely to feature as either a 9 or at the 10, but it’s more likely we see him through the middle. Look for a club debut Saturday evening at Chicago.

Dibassy is still quite some time away from being 100 percent. Heath noted in training Friday that only SIX (6) other professional male soccer players have had this injury that the medical staff could find. It’s incredibly unique and there’s no timeline for his return at the moment, they’re taking it week-by-week.

It’s a sign of progression, however, those players need to continue to improve as the season goes on. A debut in MLS doesn’t mean a career in MLS, there’s still a long ways to go for many of them.

Despite that, the club’s showing in the Generation Adidas tournament this past week was one to forget; it’s a really poor look for the Academy.

Rey is Rey – no matter where he is, he’ll elevate your team. However, we’re at a point where he doesn’t really matter right now. They’re learning and adapting to play without him.

They’re where they are at the moment due to unity and squad cohesion – i’m not sure that happens with him here.

I asked Heath about the 4-4-2 and where Robin fits into the mold, he said more than likely as an 8 or a 6. So that means either Arriaga or Trapp move to the bench, and I could not tell you who it is of the two.

By Jacob Schneider

Jacob Schneider is a freelance writer based out of the Twin Cities covering Minnesota United FC. He is a staff writer for, with other work found on & Follow his work on twitter @_JacobSchneider

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