Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Image: Minnesota United

In a video released by Minnesota United Friday morning on their website, Emanuel Reynoso broke his silence and addressed his four-month absence to begin the 2023 campaign. The Argentine also outlined the steps he’s taken to win back the trust of his teammates and what he still needs to do moving forward to make things right with the club and fans.

Here is Reynoso’s full statement:

“I’m very happy to be back here in Minnesota.The truth is that due to family problems I could not come. The truth is that I went through a very difficult time in my life, and personally too. I apologized to my teammates, I apologized to all the coaching staff, to all the people who work in the club. The truth is that what I did was not right, I know that. Since January, when I did not show up, the boys were already in the preseason, and were working hard to start the sesaon. From the fans I also received many messges, and that helped me a lot to be able to come here. I am very grateful for them always supporting me off the field and on the field. But, I hope I can return all the love, all the support they gave me on the field, off the field, and try to change. That’s what I did, I was wrong. The truth is, I know, like I said before, I am very happy to be here in this locker room. The truth is that I’m close to the stadium, next to the field, and that makes me want to be able to help the team, to be able to go out and play. I am preparing myself in the best way to be able to be 100 percent, and be available to the coach. But well, I think it’s step by step. Take it easy and when the day comes, I’ll be ready to give my best.”

Reynoso returned to Minnesota from Argentina May 6th after missing the first portion of the season and being suspended without pay by Major League Soccer. The attacking mid was reinstated last week and is working through 2-3 per day training sessions to get back to a match-ready fitness level.

Watch the full video HERE.

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